Find Custom-Scented Candles for Sale in Greeley, CO

Set the Ultimate Mood With Handmade Candles

Is there anything better than relaxing with a glass of wine or taking a luxurious bath and lighting an aromatic candle? Whatever your passion, you can find your signature scent at Charming Beau Sweets in Greeley, CO. We sell hand-poured candles designed to suit your scent preferences and match your home décor.

Each of our candles is:

  • Hand-poured
  • Custom-scented
  • Individually made
  • Long-lasting
  • Made with quality wax

It's time to kick back, relax and enjoy a custom-scented candle. Check out our selection now.

Light up your room with decorative candles

At Charming Beau Sweets, our hand-poured candles are rich in fun scents that will fill your home with pure bliss. Our careful candle-making process ensures long-lasting burn time and maximum scent throw to help you create a relaxing environment for any room in your home. Plus, we can make candles in unique, artistic containers.

Get started on your custom-scented candle in Greeley, CO today.